PIX: sellers who accept sell 10% more

Sellers who offer Pix as a form of payment compared to those who don’t are selling 10% more on the Mercado Pago platform. The data are from Veja. The move happened because people who have no credit card limit or do not wish to pay with the bank slip are choosing Pix as a payment method.

“Pix allows the entry of customers who want to pay with a debit card, a technology that is still a myth in the online world – we deny a lot of sales with a debit card. In addition, the urgency of delivery does not work with the ticket, because it takes time to compensate”, said, according to a Veja report, Elaine Shimoda, head of innovation at Mercado Pago.

Elaine also says that a third of payments made through Pix were made to new sellers. This could also make it clear how Pix may have boosted and made it easier for people to enter the platform. Furthermore, the advantages are many for newcomers to the field. “It’s cheaper and more convenient because it doesn’t dam goods, it helps in clearing payments and releasing inventory for rotation,” he defended.

To get an idea of ​​the increase, the sale by Pix was released in November last year. And from April to June 2021 alone, the increase recorded in the number of transitions of this type would have already been 221%. Still, the growth was 284%, in the same period, with physical sales with Pix via QR Code or with Point card machines. Pix has already surpassed even the amount of boleto payments, reaching about 20% of the transactions carried out for sellers.

The numbers are from data collection from Mercado Livre and Mercado Pago.

Is Pix safe?

According to information from the Central Bank, yes. For this, it has at least two data protection technologies.

Experts also point out the reliability of Pix. But like any system, there are risks, but it’s important to understand which technologies are guaranteed to protect your data.

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1 – Encryption

System that blocks access to transfer information, preventing fraudsters from acting.

In other words, an algorithm is used to encode the data so that they no longer have the original format and therefore cannot be accessed.

2 – Authentication

System that identifies the data of the customer that performs and receives the transaction. Tool aims to identify if in fact the origin of accesses and identifications are true.

Another relevant information is that to carry out a transaction it is necessary to authenticate data such as passwords and biometrics.

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