Potentially dangerous asteroid is flying towards Earth (PHOTO)


Sputnik Brazil





An asteroid between 400 and 1,300 meters in diameter is approaching our planet at a speed of 26 kilometers per second.

The asteroid 2016 AJ193, which belongs to the class of potentially dangerous celestial bodies, will approach the Earth at a minimum distance of about 3.4 million kilometers this Saturday (21), according to the website of one of the NASA divisions.

The asteroid will get closer to Earth at 12:10 pm GMT. The speed of the celestial body is greater than 93,000 kilometers per hour (26 kilometers per second). Its dimension is estimated between 400 meters and 1,300 meters in diameter.

The Moscow Planetarium press service explained to Sputnik that the asteroid poses no threat to the planet, although it belongs to the potentially dangerous ones.

Throughout the history of observations of objects of this type, asteroids have flown much shorter distances from Earth, according to the Moscow Planetarium. As a comparison, the Moon is located just 380,000 kilometers from Earth.

Previously, NASA astronomers performed calculations to determine the probability that Earth would be hit by one of the most dangerous asteroids in the Solar System, Bennu. The probability of Bennu hitting our planet is only 0.057%, or one chance in 1,750.