President of Atltico criticizes ban on cheering: ‘Feira Hippie can’

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the president of athletic, Srgio Coelho, received with surprise the decision of the city of Belo Horizonte in prohibit the presence of fans in football games. The measure was taken this Sunday by the municipal administrative due to flaws in COVID-19 health prevention protocols in two test events: Galo x River, on Wednesday, for Copa Libertadores, and Cruzeiro x Confiana, on Friday, for Serie B of the Brazilian Championship.
To demonstrate his dissatisfaction with PBH, Srgio Coelho recorded a video without a mask at the Feira Hippie – a traditional art, craft, clothing and food trade point on Sundays on Avenida Afonso Pena, in downtown Belo Horizonte. The representative from Alvinegro addressed the message to the capital’s secretary of Health, Jackson Machado, and to mayor Alexandre Kalil. The content was shared on Twitter by Bruno Schwatz, director of Instituto Galo.

“I always come here to the Hippie Fair, I think it’s super cool, a lot of people working, great show. I was surprised by the news, but before giving any position, I would like to hear from Dr. Jackson Machado, Health Secretary for the municipality of Belo Horizonte, and also the mayor – I do not know if he will give us this pleasure to explain himself ”, said Coelho.

The athletic president highlighted that, during the morning, around 30,000 people attended the Hippie Fair – most, according to him, without masks. On Wednesday, when Mineiro received almost 18 thousand fans at Galo x River, the audience that entered the stadium had to present the exam with a negative result for COVID-19. Srgio then asked: why Hippie Fair can and football stadium not?

“We respect the decision made by them, the Atltico will always fulfill their obligations in my mandate, God willing. But without making any judgments about it, I would like to understand why here at the hippie fair, earlier, there were more than 30,000 people here”, he stressed.

“Now, at 1:35 pm, look at the tables in the bars. So if there can’t be a public in the stadium, where the fans are obligatorily tested, why can the Hippie Fair with 30 thousand people, no one tested and all without masks? After hearing the explanation, we take a stand. For the time being, we remain quiet from Minas Gerais”, he added.

On Wednesday, 17,030 spectators paid a ticket (income over R$2.68 million) to watch Atltico’s victory over River Plate, 3-0, in Mineiro, for the return of the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores. The total number of people in the surroundings of the stadium was much higher, as many people without tickets came to the venue to enjoy the party.

Other failures were detected in the sale of alcoholic beverages on the streets, the delay in opening the terrace, the crowding in access to the stadium, the poor inspection, the disrespect for the mandatory use of masks inside Mineiro and the large number of fans gathered at the exit after the closure of the match.

With the decline of the Belo Horizonte city hall in terms of public presence, Atltico is studying the possibility of hosting the semifinal games of the Copa Libertadores at the National Stadium, in Braslia, or at Parque do Sabi, in Uberlndia-MG. Galo will face Palmeiras on September 21 (away) and September 28 (home), two Tuesdays, at 9:30 pm.