Princess Camille Gottlieb shows off luxury vacation on the coast of France

Princess Camille Gottlieb recently released a click of her luxury holiday on the coast of France

Directly from the Saint Jean Cap Ferrat region of France, the princess Camille Gottlieb, 23 years old, is enjoying days of rest and refreshment.

On their social networks, the heiress of Stephanie from Monaco (56) and Jean Raymond Gottlieb (54) was taken during a boat trip on the luxurious French coast.

By greeting her followers with a cheerful good morning, Camille showed that she has inherited the beauty of the family, one of the most important in the Monaco region.

The young representative of European royalty received much praise when she divulged a bit of her tour through the trendy region known for its dark blue sea, and for its white sands, full of stars and stars.

See Princess Camille Gottlieb’s luxury vacation photo!

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