Pugliesi talks about dating after separation: ‘I’ve never felt so loved’ – 08/22/2021

Gabriela Pugliesi is in love and talked about her relationship with Túlio Dek, with whom she started dating after separating from Erasmo Viana. The digital influencer said she was surprised by her own feelings.

“To be quite honest, I didn’t even think there would be love like that. I thought ‘ah, I’m going to meet someone nice, fall in love and then it’s over’. I didn’t believe in eternal love, nor in the love of life,” he said.

I always defended the ‘let’s live today’, because in reality no one has ever awakened an eternal love in me (today I see this clearly). It was another kind of feeling. Then life comes and surprises us always at the least unexpected moment. God works thus..

Pugliesi explained that today he is at peace and that he has never felt so good with anyone.

“It makes me see broadly. It takes me out of the box. It makes me think more and gave me a reference of family, union and relationship that I’ve never had before. I’ve never felt so loved, so protected, so peaceful and happy,” he declared.

Pugliesi and Túlio took up the relationship in May this year. In February, the model, who was married to Erasmo Viana, confirmed the end of their relationship.