Pure luxury! Gil do Vigor appears on a private jet and inspires followers: ”Allow yourself to dream”

From humble beginnings, ex-BBB Gil do Vigor did a photo shoot in a private jet and taught overcoming difficulties on the internet

This Sunday, 22, Gilberto Nogueira (30), the Gil of Vigor, left his followers open-mouthed when he appeared with his private jet.

Boasting the fruits of national-level fame after BBB21, the doctoral candidate in economics set an example of strength and perseverance.

Look him! At BBB, I said I was born to be a Hollywood fag, and the servant’s victory came on a jet exclusive to me. Still, as you know, I’ve gone through a lot of hardships throughout my life and it’s never been easy for me”, he wrote in the caption of the post.

I struggled a lot and with the support of the vigorous and vigorous, I am able to fulfill my dreams. What I can say is: Allow yourself to dream, always. The biggest dream of my life comes in six days, and I want to share every moment of it with you, because there is so much good to come”, completed.

Hired by TV Globo, the ex-BBB currently commands pictures at More you, in Ana Maria Braga (72), and in the Meeting, in Fatima Bernardes (58).

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