Renato praises Flamengo’s performance and denies problem with Pedro: “I’ve been talking almost daily” | Flamengo

After the 1-1 draw with Ceará at Castelão, Renato Gaúcho approved Flamengo’s performance this Sunday. In a press conference, he minimized the embezzlement and stated that the team deserved the victory. The team did not have six regular starters: Isla, Gustavo Henrique, Rodrigo Caio, Willian Arão, Arrascaeta and Bruno Henrique.

– I really liked the team, despite the absences, which is something I don’t feel, because I have a group. The players who took to the field today did very well, and every three days we have a decision. The group responded very well today. In my opinion, Flamengo played even better than Ceará, created more, had more situations of goals, we could have left with the victory – said the coach.

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Renato Gaúcho during the match between Ceará and Flamengo — Photo: Kely Pereira/AGIF

Renato also denied any problem with Pedro. The striker entered only 37 minutes into the second half. During the TV Globo broadcast, commentator Roger Flores even suggested that there was some order from the board not to use the player. The technician vehemently denied.

– I think it’s funny (laughs). Roger was a great player, he is a great commentator, I admire him, but the feeling this time is totally wrong. First of all, in any club I work for, I’m the one who’s going to make the team. Afterwards, I have been talking almost daily with Pedro, the other day I had a very good conversation with him, I said that he is a player who has many qualities and is new, he will be on the Brazilian national team in the future, without a doubt. But today he also plays in a position that Gabigol has and I always tell my group: it’s even difficult to play Flamengo because of the quality of the players. Unfortunately they can only play 11 – said Renato.

After the tie, Flamengo returns to Rio de Janeiro to start preparing for the Copa do Brasil. The team faces Grêmio next Wednesday, in the first match of the quarterfinals of the competition.

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Check out all of Renato Gaúcho’s answers:

– We know that it is always very difficult to play here, against Ceará, Fortaleza… And today, I repeat, the team behaved well, only the second goal was missing with three points, but I was happy because we competed, it was missing a little more integration, which is normal, we had several players who couldn’t play, and even so those who entered did the trick. I was happy for what I saw during the 90 minutes.

– He plays in a position that Gabriel has, with me he played practically all the games, I tried to put him several times with Gabriel in some games, but there are games and games for the two to play together. Neither of them has the characteristic of returning, and the team is very exposed. Depending on what we need, the two can be together, but not today, which was a difficult match, in which Ceará also attacked us a lot.

– Pedro has his space, but never… That doesn’t exist. I don’t know where Roger got that from, that there’s something from above. Something from above would have with the other trainers too. I have complete freedom from the president and the board as soon as I work. This headache, Roger, I like to have: many very good players, including the Brazilian national team, leave this headache for me.

– Pedro is a witness, I talk to him twice, three times a week, I’ve already given him a lot of advice. Without a doubt, he will be the striker… Not for this World Cup, but in the next one he will definitely be. I treat everyone the same, his feeling… Roger, your feeling today was not so good, because today you are a commentator, you care.

Andreas Pereira against Grêmio?

– He arrived on Saturday, I had a conversation with him, I was talking on the phone a week ago… He stayed in Rio doing the exams, tomorrow at our re-presentation I’ll talk to the medical department, preparers, physiologists and see his real condition. As of tomorrow I’ll know, I’ll have the information to know if he’s able to travel with us or not.

Andreas’ position on the team

– Every player that is hired by the club, I like to talk about where he feels better, in what position… And with him it was no different. He is a player who has played in various positions abroad and I asked him what his favorite position is. He said it’s like a second wheel. I always try to put any type of player that is hired in his position. So much so that when I arrived at Flamengo, I was having the problem of the defenders, and Arão was being improvised. I don’t like to improvise, I like to put each player in their position. It is another player who is coming to strengthen the group, to help in all the competitions that lie ahead.

– Difficult to say, it really is a strange feeling, I grew up within the club, I helped to win titles as a player and as a coach. Until three, four months ago, I was there for almost five years. The fans know that I have great affection for them, everyone knows I’m a Grêmio fan and I really like the group there, but above all, I’m a professional. I’m in a big club, which competes in all competitions, I have the greatest respect and affection for everyone. On Wednesday, we’ll look for the result that interests us.

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