Resident Evil 4 remake to be announced soon

Mysterious post on social media may have given a clue to fans of the franchise

The possible existence of a remake of Resident Evil 4, one of the most successful editions of the famous franchise, it has been discussed on the internet since the launch of Resident Evil 3 Remake, in April of last year.

Initially released as an exclusive to Nintendo GameCube, the title focused on the veteran Leon S. Kennedy it became one of the leading examples of cross-platform titles – not just coming to the most popular console at the time, the Playstation 2, but also to the infamous Zeebo many years later.

Following an enigmatic post from official account, at the Twitter, the discussion was restarted on social media. Look:

Despite the presence of the number 4, which gave rise to this whole discussion, the words “Itchy” and “Tasty” draw attention. For those who don’t remember, these are the closing words of the document Keeper’s diary (Diary of the Janitor), found in the first Resident Evil.

In this short excerpt, the last days of the caretaker of the Spencer Mansion are described by the character himself, and ends with these two words: Itchy. Tasty – something that can be translated as “itchy, tasty”, which are two symptoms found after infection with T-Virus, in addition to the zombification feature.

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It is an iconic passage from the franchise’s first game, but it has been re-presented on other occasions, such as in Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares.

Nothing yet has been officially confirmed, however, fans wanting a re-release of this version are more hopeful than ever.

When Capcom started this current trend of producing remakes of the franchise’s classics, many people were asking for the treatment to be offered to the Code: Veronica.

Like the gameplay of this edition, originally released for dreamcast, is already considerably dated, the benefits of a re-release would be far more visible than rebuilding the fourth edition – which still remains technically modern, even by today’s standards.

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Remains just wait to release more news. For now, discussions over the internet are hotter than ever.


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