RMP: “Renato Gaúcho made his first big mess at Flamengo” – 08/23/2021

Without some of its most important players, Flamengo was in a 1-1 draw with Ceará away from home this Sunday (22), by Brasileirão. Without Willian Arão and Bruno Henrique (suspended) and Arrascaeta (with muscle wasting), coach Renato Gaúcho spared some players, with his eye on the duel on Wednesday (25) against Grêmio, for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil.

At the End of Chat, post-round live of UOL Sportand – with journalists Isabela Labate, Mauro Cezar Pereira, Milly Lacombe and Renato Maurício Prado – the decisions taken by Renato Gaúcho were contested by commentators, who questioned whether the coach had already placed the Brasileirão in the background.

“Renato Gaúcho made his first big mess. Against Internacional, despite the chocolate Flamengo took, you could still accept that story that nothing went right. Today [ontem], despite the embezzlement, Flamengo had an obligation to play better. Practically everyone played very poorly. I’m already starting to let go of Everton Ribeiro. Renato made some messes… He climbed Bruno Viana again, which is horrible. The team owed a lot. With the team that went to the field, I had an obligation to win”, analyzed Renato.

Mauro also questioned the plan outlined by the coach for the match in Fortaleza. “I don’t think it’s up to the coach to determine what the priority is. The institution determines it. It’s their strategic decision. It doesn’t have to be in the hands of the coach. At Grêmio, Renato decided together with the board, which agreed to save players in the Brazilian Nationals and enter with full force in the knockout. In Flamengo, the story is different, but he, mischievously, seems to prioritize the championship that he likes the most, which is the knockout,” he criticized.

In addition to the squad, Renato thought that the coach was also wrong when it came to moving the red-black team. “Renato did very poorly in the substitutions. Pedro was supposed to come back at halftime, and he didn’t. When he finally puts Pedro on, he took everyone out and put some boys who, honestly, aren’t going anywhere. when they got in there was a spark. Renato started thinking about the game against Grêmio,” he emphasized.

Another issue raised by Mauro was the absence of Arrascaeta in the duel against Ceará. “If the game was decisive, in a knockout tournament, Arrascaeta would certainly be available. He could not play the 90 minutes, but would be on the bench to go in for 10, 15, 20 minutes, to try to solve a difficult game. Suddenly , he doesn’t travel, knowing he wouldn’t have Arão and Bruno Henrique”, the columnist was surprised.

For Renato, the case of the Uruguayan midfielder deserves further explanation. “The issue of Arrascaeta needs to be investigated. If he really felt muscle pain, it doesn’t make sense to risk a player like him having a knockout game against Grêmio. But it was an important match for him to play. Flamengo’s medical department it’s a black box. It’s quite complicated,” he added.