RMP: The moving concern for Pedro – Renato Maurício Prado

The disquiet of so many people with Pedro’s situation at Flamengo is comical. All those who did not conform to the red-black club’s veto to his participation in the Tokyo Olympics now practically demand that he play or leave! And even outlandish theories, such as that it would be in the “refrigerator” by order of the board are thrown to the wind.

They forget that he was hired, for a small fortune, earning a handsome salary, to do exactly what he has been doing: be an excellent backup for Gabigol, one of the greatest scorers in the history of Fla. And, from the beginning, he accepted the situation very well.

Is Pedro a great striker? Yes, although since he returned from the Olympic team, with Covid, he has not been the same – there are eight games he has not shaken the net and in two of them he started as a starter.

Would it be very interesting to find a tactical solution so that he and Gabi would eventually form a scorers duo? It could be, but, since the times of Jorge Jesus, Flamengo has already had a pair of exceptional and deadly strikers: Gabriel and Bruno Henrique.

In an insane calendar like the Brazilian one, there will certainly be plenty of opportunities for Pedro to play and once again demonstrate all his ability to score goals. The top European teams get tired of switching their players and there are exceptional reserves in practically all of them. But here, in Pedro’s case, it seems that this is unacceptable nonsense, a crime against football.

All this because Pedro could start in almost all other Brazilian teams. It is true. But who bought it was Flamengo. To be Gabigol’s reserve. End of discussion

In time: in the tie with Ceará, Pedro should have entered earlier. At halftime, when it was already evident that many players were earning much less than usual. He could, for example, have replaced Éverton Ribeiro, with Gabigol falling further to the right. Renato, however, took his time to move. And I think it messed up very badly.