Salary of Correios employees ranges from R$1,327 to R$52,619

The Post Office is about to be privatized. But how much do its more than 98,000 employees earn? Salaries paid by the company in 2020 ranged from R$1,327 to R$52,619, according to Correios’ financial statements. The average income of employees is R$4,266. The salary of a postman is R$ 1,757.48.

To UOL, Correios did not specify the composition of the salaries mentioned in the financial statements (advantages, additionals, etc.). The company says that the remuneration of several of its careers, considering additional and salary functions, are higher than those of the private sector and other public companies.

“It is worth noting the evolution of salaries in the last 10 years, when the minimum wage increased by 104%. In the same period, the initial basic remuneration of a postman, the most common position in the Post Office, increased by 117%, going from R$ 807.29 for the current R$ 1,757.48”, says the company in a note.

In 2010, the current minimum wage was R$510. Ten years later, in 2020, the value reached R$1,045, an increase of 104.9%.

The salaries of directors, according to the 2020 accounting statements, are:

  • President: BRL 52,619
  • Directors: BRL 45,847
  • Board Member: BRL 4,496
  • Audit Committee: BRL 8,992

Comparison with market

According to data from site job search Glassdoor, a president of a private company earns an average of R$ 23,000 in São Paulo. The site does not specify data for the president of a logistics company, which would be the closest to the Correios’ activity. The data is also limited and refers only to seven presidents who confidentially reported their salary to the site.

The request of UOL, the Catho job classifieds platform gathered the average salary of some vacancies offered to logistics companies, with services similar to those of Correios, in the period from January to July 2021.

The company does not have president salary data. The highest remuneration found by Catho is for the position of Logistics Operations manager: R$10,291.00.

According to the Post Office functions table, a level 1 integrated logistics manager receives R$ 8,705.19. A level 2 integrated logistics manager earns R$13,367.45.

The vacancy for a commercial assistant, according to Catho, has an average remuneration of R$1,345.39. At Correios, a level 1 commercial assistant receives R$ 5,741.95.

Can salaries be reduced?

The privatization bill approved by the Chamber still needs to pass the Senate. It establishes that current employees cannot be dismissed without just cause for 18 months.

For these professionals with stability in this period of a year and a half, Professor Joelson Sampaio, from FGV/Eesp (São Paulo School of Economics of Fundação Getúlio Vargas), says that the probability is of little impact on salaries, as they are already defined in current contracts.

“The most likely scenario for a current server is he voluntarily resigns or gets fired [após a estabilidade] or continue with your salary, because the company has little flexibility to reduce [o valor do contrato]”, says Sampaio.

The professor claims that the company’s future salary will still be established in the sale negotiations, with the creation, for example, of a voluntary resignation plan (PDV).

According to the approved project, the company must create a POS with a 180-day adhesion period, counted from the privatization. Upon joining, employees will be entitled to indemnity corresponding to 12 months of salary, a health plan for one year and a professional requalification plan.

Employee representatives do not comment

O UOL he sought out Fentect (National Federation of Workers in Postal and Similar Companies), Findect (Interstate Federation of Employees of the Brazilian Postal and Telegraph Company) and ADCap (Association of Postal Professionals), but the entities did not respond to the report.