Sandy shows his son riding a horse in a rare apparition and surprises

The singer Sandy and her husband Lucas Lima enjoyed a few days of rest with their son

The singer Sandy and her husband, musician Lucas Lima, enjoyed rest days together with their seven-year-old son Theo. And the singer and the musician showed a little about how these moments were.

Lucas Lima had already said that he would be away from social media for a few days precisely to focus on his family. “I think I’m very chic like those guys who ‘look, I’m going to take a week off from social media and such because blaaaablaaaaaaaaa, look at the rivers and not the reels, feed only the soul etc etc. But actually I really need to disconnect a little bit. I know there’s a risk of the internet collapsing and I have to come to save Brazilian entertainment, but a break will be tri, I think. In fact, taking a week off is the IDEA but I’m super prepared to fail miserably. So if the day after tomorrow I stick here talking nonsense, DON’T JUDGE ME”, said the musician when talking about the moment to be with his son and his wife.

And then, after returning from a moment of rest with his family, Lucas Lima showed some photos and told how it was. Lucas showed a beautiful photo that Sandy made in which he appears riding a horse along with his son Theo. When showing the moment he said: “Rolezão! The week was unforgettable”.

AND Sandy commented the photo she took of her husband with her son in a good mood quoting an excerpt from a song of hers “Unforgettable”, she said: “Unforgettable in me….”.

Internet users were just praise for the moment between father and son. “How cute”, commented one netizen. And one internet user even said: “How beautiful! This photo of father and son is perfect”. One netizen said: “What a sensational weekend! And what a beautiful family”. Another internet user commented: “What a beautiful thing!”. A netizen also stated: “This photo, the sun, you… How wonderful”.

Sandy showing his son on horseback

Play Instagram Sandy showing her husband and son riding a horse together

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