São Paulo performances: Pablo and Rodrigo Nestor command victory over Sport away from home | São Paulo

Pablo: after receiving numerous criticisms for the lost goal in the elimination of Libertadores, the striker reacted well and opened the scoring against Sport, this Sunday, for the Campeonato Brasileiro. It was Pablo’s 13th goal of the season, further isolating himself in the squad’s artillery. Grade: 7.0

Rodrigo Nestor: the defensive midfielder gave a nice assist for Pablo to score the first goal and also created other good opportunities during the confrontation. It was also consistent on the defensive part. Grade: 7.0

Rojas: the attacker had the opportunity to start, but again did not take advantage. Rojas missed practically everything he tried, didn’t give the speed expected and seemed not to have liked to leave when he was substituted at the start of the second half. Grade: 4.0

Miranda: as usual, the defender commanded São Paulo’s defensive system and was practically perfect during the confrontation. He won individual duels and high balls. Grade: 6.5

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Pablo celebrates São Paulo goal — Photo: Marlon Costa/Pernambuco Press

See all players’ notes:

  • James Volpi [GOL]: 6.5
  • Daniel Alves [LAD]: 5.0
  • Bruno Alves [ZAG]: 6.0
  • Miranda [ZAG]: 6.5
  • Leo [LAE]: 5.5
  • Rodrigo Nestor [VOL]: 7.0
  • Liziero [VOL]: 6.0
  • (Igor Gomes [MEC]): 5.0
  • Victor Bueno [MEC]: 4.5
  • (Luan [VOL]): 5.5
  • rojas [ATA]: 4.0
  • (Diego Costa [ZAG]): 6.0
  • rigoni [ATA]: 5.5
  • (Benitez [MEC]): 5.5
  • pablo [ATA]: 7.0
  • (Lucian [ATA]): 5.0

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