Saúde de São Gonçalo invites residents to update their registration with the SUS

Gonçalenses users of the Unified Health System (SUS) should look for health facilities in the city to update their registration data, especially telephone and address. And those who still do not have a SUS card should also look for health centers to register. The two initiatives are extremely important for the Municipal Health and Civil Defense of São Gonçalo and for the people of Gonçalo, who may be better served.

Updating registration data is necessary so that Gonçalves do not miss appointments, exams and even surgeries. “It is very important for users to update their records to avoid lack of service. Often, when teams from the Health Department call to make an appointment, they are unable to talk to the patient, who is left unattended. And, if you have the wrong address, you can have the appointment scheduled next to the address that is registered”, explained the Undersecretary of Primary Care, Maik Mello.

One of the measures that is already being taken is the updating of the register when going to health centers and when community agents go to their homes. However, not everyone often goes to the posts and agents do not find everyone at home.

“Therefore, the need for the user to look for any health unit for both purposes – both for updating and for registration. It can be any health unit, some work until 9 pm”, recalled Maik.

The registration of the population in the SUS is determined by the Ministry of Health within the Prevent Brazil Program. Currently, the Department of Health and Civil Defense has 417,000 records in the SUS and has, until December 31, to register at least 875 thousand Gonçalves.