See how to access 2nd copy of proof of vaccine against Covid-19

More than 75% of Brazilian adults took the first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19, according to data from the Ministry of Health. To complete the immunization, it is necessary to pay attention to the period of receiving it. About 107 million Brazilians await this reinforcement.

To find out the day scheduled for the second dose and the manufacturer of the vaccine taken, users of the Unified Health System (SUS) can look at the receipt received on the day of immunization. But what if you don’t have the card? In case of loss, theft or theft of the voucher, the Connect SUS application, from the Ministry of Health, is one of the ways to obtain the data and confirm the information.

The platform can be accessed directly on the internet, through the Connect SUS website, or by downloading the app from the mobile app stores. It is available on Android and IOS systems. For the first access, it will be necessary to make a registration and, for the others, just insert the CPF and a password.

Some city halls offer the possibility to pick up the duplicate in person. Agência Brasil presents the specific procedures for acquiring proof of vaccination in ten capitals:

São Paulo
The proof of vaccination can be accessed in the digital version through the Poupatempo Digital app. Three functionalities of vaccination against covid-19 are available on the platform: pre-registration, the digital vaccination card and validation of the vaccination certificate.

Information such as: doses, date of vaccination, vaccinating professional, name and registration of the place, manufacturer and batch number of the applied vaccine can be accessed. You can download and print your digital wallet if needed. The document comes with a QR Code, which proves the citizen’s data.

Rio de Janeiro
In the city of Rio de Janeiro, those who lost the card with the registration of the first dose must go to the clinic where they were vaccinated to get the duplicate. The city directs that this information can also be accessed through the application Connect SUS.

Federal District
The user can contact the Federal District Government Ombudsman or look for the UBS to which he/she is linked, so that an inquiry can be made in the Information System of the National Immunization Program (SI-PNI).

In general, data can be retrieved on the system. If the information is not entered in the SI-PNI, the user must seek the coordinator of the vaccination post where he took the first dose and report the situation.

In the capital of Ceará, the data are available in the website Vaccinate Now, in the tab “Consult registration”. It is also possible to search for information in the Mais Saúde Fortaleza application, on the “Vaccines” tab.

The information and proof of vaccination are available in the Connect SUS app.

People from Recife can answer all questions related to covid-19 vaccination on the website

In case of loss of proof of vaccination in Goiânia, the user must go to a health unit where there is vaccination against Covid-19 to issue a new card.

St. Louis
The user must go to a Municipal Vaccination Center with personal identification documents. In case of loss or robbery/theft, the São Luís Municipal Health Department applies the vaccine without requiring the presentation of the physical card, just checking the data stored for the first dose. The municipal government also emphasizes that it is possible to access this information in the Connect SUS application.

The Maceió Health Department informs that data on each user’s vaccination are registered by the CPF of the vaccinated person, in the National Immunization Program System (SI-PNI) of the Ministry of Health. The vaccinated person has access to information through from the Connect SUS website or application.

It is also possible to go to one of the vaccination points and request a duplicate of the card. Through the CPF number, the attendant at the vaccination point has access to the same information and issues the second copy of the vaccination card.

In Palmas, the population can obtain a new vaccination card at the Family Health Unit (USFs) that applied the first dose against covid-19. The new card will inform the manufacturer of the first dose administered. The city’s Health Department remembers the possibility of accessing data through the Connect SUS application.

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