Series D: ABC is more efficient and beats America 3-1 – 08/22/2021 – Notícia

ABC beat America 3-1, this Sunday afternoon (22), at Frasqueirão. The game was valid for the D Series of the Brazilian Championship. Alvinegro extended their lead in the lead of Group A-3, now with 25 points. Alvirrubro is second with 21 points, the same score as Campinense, the next American opponent.

Credits: Magnus Nascimento

Both teams entered the game with modifications. At Alvinegro Vinícius Paulista was improvised in the defense. In midfield Marcos Antônio once again won a chance. At Alvirubro Lucas Gomes appeared in the goal and Patrick in command of the attack.

With the ball rolling, the teams entered to play at high speed, so much so that in 10 minutes they had already scored two goals in Feasqueirão.

Who opened the marker was the home team. Four minutes into the game, Wellington sent the ball forward, Marcos Antônio swept his head and Gustavo Henrique went right in front of the goal. Shirt 9 dodged the goalkeeper and sent it to the net.

The tie did not take long to come out. On minute 10, America made a good play on the left and crossed. Poorly positioned, Vinícius Paulista only watched Esquerdinha head in the goal.

The match went on the same for both sides, including the failures in the defensive sectors. However, it was ABC who took advantage of the bad marking. On minute 41, Alvinegro went up on the right and in the silly American defense, Gustavo Henrique headed in his second goal of the game, closing the initial stage with abecedista advantage: 2-1.

The two teams returned unchanged for the final stage of the derby at Frasqueirão. Moacir Júnior for ABC and Renatinho Potiguar only opted for a change in the positioning of the teams, with Alvirrubro advancing their men and Alvinegro putting themselves more in defense to try to define the counterattack.

With four minutes, America lost an incredible chance. Leozinho played for Elvinho. The shirt number 7 crossed and Alisson Cassiano made a big hole. Lefty, alone, kicked and Wellington saved ABC.

If America didn’t take advantage of the ABC, they did it differently. On minute 13, Wallyson made a move on the right and crossed the ball to Claudinho, who scored a great goal.

The ABC’s advantage destabilized América and, despite the changes made by coach Renatinho Potiguar, Alvinegro managed to maintain their posture and got the better of the derby.