Sindico sues Claudia Leitte and singer installment debt | Fabia Oliveira

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Published 08/23/2021 05:00

The manager of a commercial building located in the Caminho das Árvores neighborhood, in Salvador, filed an execution action against the singer Claudia Leitte. The objective was to receive a credit of R$ 33,695.56, referring to the condominium fees owed by the artist.

According to the documents of the process, the jury of ‘The Voice +’ would be responsible for four rooms in the commercial building, where the monthly condominium fee is around R$ 500. The values ​​refer to the months of January 2020 to February 2021 – debits from the four rooms. The lawsuit states that the outstanding amount is R$ 33,695.56.

On July 23, the Court of Bahia accepted a request from the parties to enter into an agreement to pay the debt in installments and withdraw the appointment of the execution action on behalf of the artist who, according to her lawyer, would already be causing damage to Leitte, since that the singer would be facing difficulties in obtaining credit from financial institutions.

The singer anticipated R$5,000, and will pay 16 installments ranging from R$2.2 thousand to R$3.936 depending on the month. The last installment is due only on September 20, 2022 – the latter in the amount of R$ 2,033.32. With the installment payment, the debt amount is now R$53,921.91, including attorney’s fees. The sentence that ratified the transaction is signed by Judge Carlos CR de Cerqueira Jr., of the 6th Civil Court of Salvador, Bahia.