Solar Panel Franchise Expands with Increased Consumer Demand | Small Business & Big Business

A franchise of equipment for capturing solar energy grew 80% last year. The push came with the successive increases in the electricity tariff and with the popularization of the home based model – in which the franchisee sells from home.

Luis Otávio Colaferro’s family was right when they bet on solar energy in 2009. The first clients were in the agribusiness area. In 2015, there was a great demand for solar systems by individuals and companies.

“So we looked for a format that would suit, a partner that could sell and install the system many times. And that through the franchise model really made sense,” says Colaferro.

José Guilherme Novaes, for example, left his job as an executive at a large company to invest in the first franchise in 2017. Today he has 3 units. He bet all his chips on this market that does not stop growing in Brazil, even with the pandemic.

Project manager Nilson Aoki says he spent R$30,000 to install 16 solar panels at home. The forecast is to recover the investment in 5 years. “I generate energy here, consumption, and what is left becomes a kilowatt/hour balance. And I pay taxes, public lighting, and normal state and municipal taxes,” he explains.

It was thinking of clients like Nilson that the company owned by franchisor Luis Otávio took another step in its expansion last year. It shaped a new segment in the business: the home based franchise model, which removes many technical responsibilities from the franchisee and makes him assume much more of a commercial role, without the need to hire a team.

With an initial investment starting at R$ 15 thousand, the novelty made the network grow 80% from last year to now.

The network already has 100 franchised units in operation, in 90 cities. By the end of the year, the goal is to reach 250, with the help of the new home based model.

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