Solar powered earring connects cattle to satellites

Two technologies promise to revolutionize beef and dairy farming in the coming years.

In the United States, a company launched a solar-powered earring pto monitor beef cattle in real time.

The technology uses a set of satellites to track the animals. Once assembled, managers can access a platform to view and manage data through reports updated by the system four times a day.

The earring is made of materials suitable for outdoor environments and animal welfare. The piece was designed to be implanted in each animal for a period of three years, without the need for maintenance or support of any kind. The aim is to track animals in order to find movement patterns and identify ‘hot spots’ where animals frequently go or ‘cold zones’ they normally avoid in grazing areas.


In the Netherlands, a company is using augmented reality in dairy farming.

Using technology and special glasses, producers are able to obtain real-time information about the herd. The equipment also allows new information to be entered by the rancher from their gestures or voice commands so that they can interact with the “virtual world” and have even more benefits in terms of management and handling.

The solution has won several innovation awards.

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