Sony and Disney Take Down Leaked Spider-Man Trailer: No Return Home

According to THR, Sony and Marvel have begun action to bring down the trailer leak for Spider-Man: No Return Home with several of the videos showing a copyright notice.

In addition to the CinemaCon screening, it looks like the official trailer for ‘Spider-Man: No Return Home‘ will be released online. The information is from journalist Nick Santos, from The Hashtag Show, which points to this happening on Monday (23) or Tuesday (24).

Interestingly, if this is confirmed, it would be a few days after the head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, play with the delay involving this trailer.

‘Spider-Man: No Return Home’ hits theaters in December, with Jon Watts directing.

In the cast, Tom Holland, Marisa Tomei, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon and Jon Favreau return in their respective roles, as well as Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange).

Jamie Foxx will play Electro, while Alfred Molina will be Doctor Octopus. The film must have the complete formation of the Sinister Sextet, with villains from multiple realities.

It is worth remembering that there are also strong rumors of the participation of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield living their respective versions of Spider-Man.