Sony moves quickly to block the leaked trailer for ‘Spider-Man 3’ on social media

Sony moved at the speed of light this Sunday to take the long-awaited leaked trailer off social media Spider-Man: No Return Home. The information was revealed by the Hollywood Reporter.

The leak became Trending Topics on Twitter, as some accounts shared what appeared to be the trailer, while others reacted to the firestorm that the alleged leaker could face.

Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Some tweets sharing the video of the alleged trailer were removed and tagged with a copyright statement. “The media was disabled in response to a complaint from the copyright owner,” the message read.

Out of respect for the folks at Sony and everyone who worked on the film, we’re not going to link the video here. However, despite the quality of the 8-Bit game, it already runs a description of the trailer on the internet, which you can check below.

The trailer picks up right where Spider-Man: Away from Home (2019) left off. Peter and MJ swinging the webs across New York when JJ Jameson appears on screen to reveal Spider-Man’s secret identity: Peter Parker.

Enjoy watching:

Then, several scenes are shown of Peter and his friends walking around New York, inside the high school, in a police station and in what appears to be the outside of a courthouse. All people are looking at him, there are even some with posters against the young man. Peter talks to Aunt May and the Marvel credits enter.

The trailer returns showing the Sanctum Santorum, home of Doctor Strange. Everything is white inside, apparently frozen, and Peter converses with the Supreme Mage.

Several scenes of Spider-Man running through crowds are shown, something not recommended in the pandemic, despite his wearing a mask.

The trailer resumes the conversation between Peter and Doctor Strange. The boy asks the wizard for help in solving the issue of people knowing his identity. The Doctor hesitates, but begins a spell to try to solve this case. Peter asks about his friends still remembering him. However, Peter Parker’s endless chatter gets in the way of the spell and then begins an effect similar to the Spider-Man animation in SpiderVerse.

We then see Spider-Man jump towards the portal, while Doctor Strange talks about the Multiverse. They appear over what appears to be a moving train (the effects weren’t finished) and Doctor Strange says something about Peter living two lives.

Soon after, we see the Ultimate Mage separate Peter from his body into the astral plane, just as the Crone did with Doctor Strange and the Hulk in previous films. We see Iron Spider, Happy Hogan inside a car and then we see a giant lightning strike Spider-Man. It may be Jamie Foxx’s Electro, but there’s really no way to tell from the Game Boy quality of the leaked video.

There is an attack on a bottled bridge and, from the ashes, a claw emerges. That’s him: Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus. He says, “Hi Peter!” The boy poses as a Spider-Man and the costume is projected over his body.

The movie’s logo goes up and the trailer ends.

It seems that the villain of the film will be the Sinister Sextet composed of villains from other timelines. However, we need to wait for the finished version to be sure.

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