Sony will focus on development with external Japanese studios •

A team that has worked with From Software and Hideo Kojima.

Sony Interactive Entertainment closed its internal Japanese studios and stayed with Team Asobi, but that doesn’t stop it from continuing to work with external Japanese studios to develop new video games.

According to Hermen Hulst, president of PlayStation Studios, the bet will be in that direction and the same team that collaborated with From Software in Blooborne and Kojima Productions in Death Stranding will continue to work with external studios.

“I will say that in many ways we are still a very Japanese company. That is our legacy. It is still part of who we are. We love our Japanese games,” Hulst told Game Informer.

“We are building Team ASOBI led by Nicolas Doucet, so we are actually investing in that team. People sometimes forget that we have Polyphony Digital, a team in two locations.”

“We’re also investing in our external development group in Tokyo and that’s a team that worked with From Software and Kojima Productions. So we’re very invested in Japanese development and Japanese development is loved. I think it’s a part of it. so big of the PlayStation identity that I never see us straying away from Japanese or even Asian development.”

Will we have another PlayStation exclusive developed by a large external studio? This is the second time that Hulst refers to Kojima Productions when talking about Japanese development and the future.