Startups: what to do to increase the chances of getting financial support | Small Business & Big Business

Receiving financial support to accelerate the business is the dream of any technology company, but it is not an easy task. Startup portfolio manager Carolina Morandin points out some ways to increase the chances of being chosen by professional investors, accelerators or investment funds.

“It has to have customers, to be a validated solution in the market, from a large market, it has to have an incredible technology and team, because at the end of the day, we invest in people more than in the ideas themselves,” he explains.

Partners Gabriel Lameirinhas and Igor Marinelli created a sensor that warns if an industrial machine is at risk of malfunction. Their story was shown on PEGN last year. At the time, the startup had its own investment in the amount of R$ 40 thousand. But they wanted to grow up.

“When the solution began to have traction precisely with the professionals in the front line of the industry that we were using, we understood that we needed more capital to be able to accelerate the business nationwide,” says Marinelli.

The first financial contribution came from an American fund in the amount of R$ 2 million, 50 times more than their initial investment. Then, other investors came and today the company already has 20 million investments.

Today, the startup has more than 50 customers. The partners hope to reach 600 small and medium industries in Brazil in a year and a half.

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