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For the first time since taking charge of Corinthians, three months ago, coach Sylvinho won two consecutive matches and, in a press conference after the 1-0 victory over Athletico, this Sunday, he made his joy evident.

The coach celebrated Timão’s performance and result this Sunday, at Arena da Baixada, which placed the team among the top six in the Brasileirão.

– It is an important victory, in a difficult field, against a very difficult opponent. More than a great victory, the team’s performance, especially in the first half, was very good. We are happy for the construction that is being done, for the athletes, who are the real protagonists and have been doing it. It reflects on the fans, who for the second weekend are happy and happy with the result and the team’s performance. It is a reflection of a construction, of time, little by little we work – declared Sylvinho.

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In addition to praising the team’s collective performance, the coach mentioned some individual highlights, such as Roni, scorer, Jô and Du Queiroz, a 21-year-old who made his professional debut, replacing Fagner, who was injured.

Sylvinho also spoke about Renato Augusto, who once again entered the second half. The coach stated that the shirt 8 can even act as the first defensive midfielder, a role that was once Cantillo’s and has been performed by Gabriel.

– All athletes can play (together), Roni, Renato… We have four, five, six athletes on a midfield tripod, most of which have great versatility. One or another player should not play the role of first midfielder, but the others can occupy either of the two midfielders, and Renato, also, can also be used as first – he commented.

Sylvinho, Corinthians coach, in the match against Athletico — Photo: Gabriel Machado/AGIF

In a good mood, the coach spoke about the pain he has been feeling in recent days and that limited his movements at the end of the match against Hurricane.

– I’ve had a calf problem since Thursday, but the experience saved me for two days, obviously a joke. I arrived, took a painkiller, but at the end of the game I believe I went too far in the technical area and it started to hurt a lot again. Anyway, we give ourselves to the athletes, it’s good, and the important thing is for the fans to be happy in another weekend, with good performance and results.

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Corinthians returns to the field next Saturday, against Grêmio, at 9 pm, in Porto Alegre.

The Voice of the Fans - Bald: "this performance makes us excited for the second round"

A Voz da Torcida – Bald: “this performance makes us excited for the second round”

Check out other excerpts from Sylvinho’s press conference below:

– We are building Renato’s return within the group and, suddenly, with more minutes. Every two or three days we have conversations with them, he is a player who demands a lot, we know him well, a strong athlete, who needs to be very balanced. It is working fine. As we get closer to the games, we’re talking.

– Renato has responded that up to 45 minutes he understands he can play. But games have a talking component. It was a very intense game, difficult, we were good in the game. And at a certain point, Giuliano asks to leave. At that very moment, Roni feels the leg. We change Roni first, because he was disabled, then Giuliano. We start predicting 30, 35, even 45 minutes, it depends on how the game is, and it was a little less, but Renato is important every time he enters, even in an early process, he needs to balance himself, but it helps a lot with its quality.

– Du is an athlete that we have been preparing for about three weeks now, he has been training on the right side, we found a powerful athlete, with a low center of gravity, who has good support, good technique and, talking to the athlete, we found out that he is good. part of the base he made on the side. He is an athlete who comes from the midfield, but he showed great tranquility in the role, he has been training in this role for two or three weeks. Du has been trusting us, and we have trusted him. In my assessment and practically everyone’s, it fulfilled its function. I’m happy with what he delivered, difficult game, complicated, he met his goal.

– Roni is a correct athlete, very young, we are optimizing the base athletes. There are good players. The answer is theirs, we understand well, I came from the base. Concepts, ideas and training are presented, but the answer is very much from the athlete, and Roni has shown his importance for the group. He has total delivery, has stepped on the area, understood the game, and we, as a committee, also preserve some areas so that he can earn more. The answer is always theirs, and Roni has been doing well and helping the team.

– It’s a recycling of Jô. Since we arrived, we’ve understood that… That’s the term, to reduce Jô’s area of ​​activity. The answer is always from the athlete, to understand what we are showing and wanting. He has helped us a lot in terms of retention, building play, facilitating midfield work and providing second-line entry for athletes, such as Roni, Gabriel has already scored, Giuliano, tomorrow Renato, Vitinho… Anyway, a way of playing that adds a lot to us, an athlete who has been well used, the merit is that he understood the position.

– We go from game to game, construction, performance, happy and satisfied like every Corinthians fan. Of course the result matters, we play for it, but it’s not in any way or at all costs. It needs to be performance, otherwise it doesn’t win. I’m happy for the locker room, for the fan, it’s a construction. As much Renato as Giuliano has added quality, the group has accepted. We are building, I speak not only of Renato and Giuliano, but of a base, today the goal was by Roni, I speak of Du Queiroz, other base athletes, experienced athletes… It is the construction of a group. Happy is the acceptance of the idea. We go from game to game.

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