Tat Werneck jokes about polemic with Fiuk: ‘Trying to forget you’

(photo: Reproduction)

Singer Fiuk recorded his appearance on Tat Werneck’s GNT show, Lady Night. Even before the episode aired, the information leaked that the presenter’s jokes were not well received by Fbio Junior’s son. Asked about the matter in an interaction with her followers in Instagram stories this Saturday, 21st, she made a sad face and put the lyrics to a song that says: “I can try to forget you / But will you always be?”.

The controversy came to light two weeks ago by an internet user who participated in the program’s virtual audience. He claimed that Fiuk caused a stir with Tat and she was very hurt, even stopping the recording. In an outburst on the social network, the viewer said that the singer “has the power to make everything boring and almost made Tata cancel the program, because he wasn’t enjoying the jokes about it.” The ex-BBB’s displeasure would have come from questions about his participation in Rede Globo’s reality show.

On Twitter, Tat clarified that he likes Fiuk and that everything is fine between them. “Love, I adore Fiuk. He is a handsome, sensitive, intelligent and talented man. It’s okay. In the pandemic, no one is at their best emotional state. We know how nasty comments can hurt someone on the internet,” she said, then used the #publi tag. “T kidding,” he said about the joke.