‘Took me out of the Dance of the Famous’

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Singer Luísa Sonza “played a prank” with actress Viviane Araújo during the semifinal screening of “Super Dança dos Famosos” shown this Sunday night (21). The interpreter of “Penhasco” who was one of the judges of the dance board, he recalled the note he received from Viviane Araújo, who participates in the current season of the competition.

Look, I have something to tell: Vivi [Viviane Araújo], she was the one who took me out of the ‘Dancing of the Famous’ in 2019“, said the blonde with laughter. Actor Fábio Porchat, who was also an artistic judge in the episode broadcast this Sunday (22), was amused by the situation: “What a good thing, I like it! I came for this!”, joked the comedian.

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Then Luísa Sonza continued: “And she gave me 9.9”. Viviane Araújo interrupted and declared: “Look how life is, right people? Look who’s here in front of me”, said Salgueiro’s drum queen. Then Luísa Sonza declared that she just wanted to give Araújo “a little scare” and declared her score of 10 to the actress:

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You gave me 9.9 because I didn’t come close to what you did today. I don’t come close to the strength you have, the glow you have here on stage And I got emotional here, because I remembered me in salsa and I know how hard it is, you guys did amazing things and it’s very little time. nervousness so I’ve never spent in my life the “Dancing of the Famous”. And obviously my grade is 10 for the merits of both of you”.

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Tiago Leifert, presenter of the Sunday attraction had fun with the situation and joked with Luísa Sonza: “Look how great, what a pure heart” spoke the communicator with laughter. The situation, of course, did not go unnoticed on social networks, and generated many comments from Internet users:

“Luísa Sonza as a good Cancerian doing the vengeance and returning in the judgment of Viviane Araújo the anger she went through when she was filed by her from Danças dos Famosos”, said Marcelo on his Twitter profile. “Greater climate for luisa sonza and viviane Araújo”, highlighted Jonathan Siqueira also on his Twitter profile.

Luísa sonza remembered the note Viviane Araujo gave her 2 years ago KKKKKKKKK this is root cancer do not forget nadaaaaaa”, declared Najulia. “The game turned!!!! Viviane Araújo gave 9.9 to Luisa Sonza and today Luisa is on the jure to rate Viviane!”, highlighted Gabriel Naste in his social networks.

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