Wall of São Januário is painted with menace: ‘Everyone will die’

The weather in Vasco has been getting heavier in recent weeks. This Sunday (22), São Januário woke up with its wall painted with protest phrases and even death threats: ‘Everyone is going to die’, said one of the graffiti.

The act of vandalism occurred a day after the defeat to Operário, the third in a row in Serie B, which caused the team to park in the middle of the competition table. By coincidence, last Saturday (21) also marked the 123th anniversary of the institution in Rio de Janeiro. The base from Vasco, who recently lost the final of the Brasileirão U-17 to Flamengo, was also targeted.

After the match, defensive midfielder Andrey came to vent, stating that everything was ‘shit’ in the team and apologizing to the fans. At the press conference, coach Lisca also expressed frustration with the moment and stated that he will demand internal changes at the club.