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Monday, 8/30 (Chapter 19)
Teresa questions Pedro about Luísa’s presence on his trip. Pilar advises Samuel to leave Olu’s house to get away from Zayla. Luísa tells Teresa that she values ​​the good of her family above all else. Samuel moves out, and Zayla believes the boy has feelings for her.

Nelio prepares to visit his parents. Germana and Licurgo steal work material, and Clemência and Lupita watch. Tonico fears that Pedro will recognize him. Celestina urges the Empress to think of a way to avoid Luísa’s presence. Samuel and Pilar have their first night of love.

Tuesday, 8/31 (Chapter 20)
Pilar tells Luísa about her night with Samuel. Tonico gets annoyed when he learns that Pedro and his entourage will stay at Eudoro’s house. Samuel asks Pilar to betrothed. Quinzinho suffers from Clemência’s reaction, who rejects her husband’s robberies. Minervina decides to try to escape before Nélio reaches Lota and Batista’s lands.

Pilar asks Luísa to deliver a letter to Dolores. Nélio finds Lota and Batista arrested. Zayla is revolted by Samuel and Pilar’s commitment. Tonico sabotages Eudoro’s house. Clemência returns and announces to Quinzinho that she is pregnant. Luísa asks Samuel to keep her romance with Pedro a secret, and Pilar is suspicious.

Wednesday, 9/1 (Chapter 21)
Samuel and Luísa lose Pilar. Teresa sets up a gun to try to drive Pedro away from Luisa. Guebo questions Pedro about the end of slavery. Isabel and Leopoldina meet Zayla and Guebo. Nélio registers a police complaint about the flight of Minervina and others enslaved by Lota and Batista.

Germana and Licurgo infiltrate the Quinta and end up trapped in the sarcophagus. Mariquinha responds to Teresa’s invitation, not knowing that it is a setup for Pedro. Celestina comments to Luísa about Mariquinha. Luísa sees when Mariquinha kisses Pedro. Luísa announces that she has given up on the trip with the royal entourage.

Thursday, 2/9 (Chapter 22)
Isabel and Leopoldina rebel against Luísa, who doesn’t give up her decision. Samuel decides to help Minervina rescue her mother. Pilar interrupts Pedro and Teresa’s journey to ask the empress for help. Benedita refuses to run away with Minervina. Germana and Licurgo manage to free themselves from the sarcophagus.

Lourdes comforts Nicolau, who believes he has seen the mummy move. Lota and Batista ask Nélio to marry the notary’s daughter. Borges sees Minervina in Little Africa and threatens Lupita. Candida has a bad feeling. Tonico introduces himself to Pedro.

Friday, 3/9 (Chapter 23)
Pedro does not recognize Tonico, who is frustrated. Teresa is enchanted with Dolores. Borges arrests Lupita. The day of Samuel and Pilar’s engagement party arrives. Candida says that Justina and she will work together. Borges follows Abena and Baltazar, who go to meet Minervina. Quinzinho tells Clemência that he will not give up on his dream of having a casino. Pedro and Teresa kiss.

Guebo alerts Olu and Samuel to the disappearance of Abena and Balthazar. Samuel expels Lupita from Little Africa. Licurgo and Germana discover that Quinzinho is selling the properties in Vitória. Isabel has an accident, and Lourdes supports her. Isabel admires Luísa. Pedro, Teresa, Celestina and Tonico are surrounded by indigenous people.

Saturday, 4/9 (Chapter 24)
Jacira and Piatã arrest Tonico. Guebo suffers from the absence of his family. Teresa reveals Pedro’s identity to Jacira and Piatã, who say they were friends of Dom Pedro I and Leopoldina. Dolores and Eudoro worry about the fire in the forest. Samuel confronts Borges about Abena and Baltazar, but ends up wounded by the chief.

Licurgo and Germana blackmail Quinzinho. Lupita asks to move to the casino. Nélio tries to run away so as not to marry Nonarica, but Lota and Batista force him to stay. Luísa questions Caxias about the situation of Abena and Baltazar. Candida has a vision with Abena and Balthazar.

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