What is this NFT guy? Meet the most expensive in the world

Perhaps when reading the title of this article, you have been wondering what NFT means. Literally, NFT is the acronym in English for “non-fungible tokens”, or non-fungible tokens in good Portuguese. Does it still look complex? Let’s simplify. NFTs are a kind of digital authenticity certificate that confers to an art, a meme, a song or even the first tweet in history, the value of originality and gives its holders the right and digital property.

In other words, this certification system guarantees that a given file or photograph is unique in the digital world, and can be multiplied only with the authorization of the author or creator.

As in the physical world of art collectors, NFTs today move millions of dollars worth of rare and collectible items that are auctioned under digital certification. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, this market moved more than US$ 2 billion (R$ 10.7 billion). The million-dollar figures that accompany some NFT sales have increasingly attracted investors who see this new era of commercialization as a promising source to invest. Want to know what are the 6 most expensive NFTs in the world? Check out the list:

  1. CryptoPunk 3100

  2. Everydays: the First 5000 days

  3. CryptoPunk #7804

  4. crossroads

  5. Ocean Front

  6. Original World Wide Web Code

CryptoPunk 3100

The sold copy é  the CryptoPunk 3100. Photo: Reproduction/Internet.

The copy sold is the CryptoPunk 3100. Photo: Reproduction/Internet.

CryptoPunks are digital collectibles of crypto art. There are 10,000 little 8-bit punks, each with its own unique character. The CryptoPunk 3100 is an alien with a headband and is now the most expensive NFT in history. It occupied second place when it was purchased in March this year for US$7.58 million (R$40.1 million at the current price) and is now on sale again for a measly amount of US$90.5 million (R$481. 8 million).

Everydays: the First 5000 Days

Everydays: the First 5000 Days.

Everydays: the First 5000 Days.

Artist Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple photographed every day from May 1, 2007 to January 7, 2021. All the photographs taken over those 5000 days created “Everydays: the First 5000 Days”. The artwork until March 2021 was the most expensive NFT, worth US$69 million (R$369.4 million), currently ranking second.

CryptoPunk #7804

CryptoPunk #7804.

CryptoPunk #7804.

Another CryptoPunk on the list, the pixelated punks and very expensive NFTs. The project was created by Larva Labs, bringing characters in a style that mixes punk and retro. CryptoPunk #7804 (the hashtag refers to its numbering among the 10,000 cryptopunks), sold for US$7.5 million (R$40.1 million) making it the third most expensive digital art in history.




Once again the presence of the artist Beeple among the most expensive NFTs, “Crossroads” is a work that was created during the last American elections. Two videos were created by the artist, which would be released according to the final result of the elections. With Trump’s defeat, the video showing the former president on the ground was the official NFT sold for US$ 6.6 million (R$ 35.3 million).

Ocean Front

Ocean Front.

Ocean Front.

And it looks like artist Beeple is the new millionaire on the NFT sales wave. That’s because his other work, “Ocean Front” was sold for US$ 6 million (R$ 32.1 million), being the 5th most expensive NFT so far. The work intends to convey the current challenge facing humanity in the face of climate change on Earth.

Original World Wide Web Code

World Wide Web.

World Wide Web.

Created and signed by Tim Berners-Lee (thought it was Beeple’s work again, right?), the NFT of the original World Wide Web source code was fetched at Sotheby’s auction for $5.4 million (R$28.9 million). In addition to the code, the original source code file written between October 1990 and August 1991 with timestamps was included in the NFT. There is also a letter from Berners-Lee written in June 2021 explaining the code creation process.