where does Andreas Pereira fit in? Renato indicates ‘preferred position’ for the midfielder

O Flamengo announced a pair of reinforcements last week. Kennedy, ex-Fluminense and Chelsea, and Andreas Pereira, ex-Manchester United, arrived at the club to reinforce the cast, mainly in the final stretch of the season.

In Andreas’ case, some doubts still surround his arrival. One of them is your placement on the field when it’s time for your debut.

At a press conference after the match against the Ceará this Sunday (22), coach Renato Gaúcho clarified what he has been talking about with his new command and in which area of ​​the field he should work.

“Every player that is hired by the club, I like to talk about where he feels best, in what position… And with him it was no different. He is a player who has played in various positions abroad and I asked him what his favorite position is. He said it’s like a second midfielder”, he said.

“I always try to put any type of player that is hired in his position. So much so that when I arrived at Flamengo, I was having the problem of the defenders, and Arão was being improvised. I don’t like to improvise, I like to put each player in their position. He is another player who is coming to strengthen the group, to help in all the competitions that lie ahead”, he added.

Andreas arrives at Flamengo on a one-year loan, with a contract ending on June 30, 2022, when the European season ends.