Will Season 11 of The Walking Dead air on TV today? Which channel?

Understanding the confusion fans are having with the release of the 11th and final season of The Walking Dead in Brazil, we are going to clarify again the main doubts about the transmission of the series in our country.

The Walking Dead until earlier this year was aired by the pay TV channel FOX Channel. After the purchase of the channel by Disney, some changes took place. FOX was renamed Star Channel, but the most radical change was the withdrawal of the series from the TV. Now, The Walking Dead will air exclusively on Star+ streaming, which will be released on August 31st.

When will The Walking Dead air on cable TV?

Unfortunately, in this first part of season 11 (8 episodes) the series will be exclusive to Star+. We don’t know if they have any plans to air the series again on the Star Channel, but that could change next year with the release of the last two parts. We’ll have to wait to find out!

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Will The Walking Dead air on Netflix?

In the US, The Walking Dead seasons releases on Netflix follow normally, but they are not released concurrently with the AMC due to the contract. The same happens in Brazil, they only launch on the platform at least 1 year after being shown on the channel – now streaming – Star.

We currently have all 10 seasons of the show on Netflix, just missing the extra 10th year episodes. We will also have to wait for an official announcement from the streaming to find out whether or not they will renew their contract here in Brazil to continue showing the series.

Will the series be simultaneous with the US on Star+ again?

No official information has been revealed on this, but we speculate – and hope it will – that when Star+ is released on August 31, it will already have the first two episodes of season 11 and ready to release the third episode on the day. September 5, along with the US TV release.

The only thing we know is that they will be releasing the episodes weekly, now if they will be up to date with the US… Only time will tell!

Season 11 episode release schedule

Below is the release schedule of the episodes of the first part of the 11th season according to AMC+, AMC TV (USA) and Star+ (Brazil).

Episode 1 – Acheron: Part I – 15/08 (AMC+) | 22/08 (AMC TV from the USA) | 31/08 (Star+)
Episode 2 – Acheron: Part II – 22/08 (AMC+) | 08/29 (AMC TV from the USA)
Episode 3 – Hunted – 29/08 (AMC+) | 5/09 (AMC TV from the USA)
Episode 4 – Rendition – 5/09 (AMC+) | 12/09 (AMC TV from USA)
Episode 5 – Out of the Ashes – 12/09 (AMC+) | 09/19 (AMC TV from the USA)
Episode 6 – On the Inside – 19/09 (AMC+) | 09/26 (AMC TV from the USA)
Episode 7 – Promises Broken – 26/09 (AMC+) | 3/10 (AMC TV from the USA)
Episode 8 – For Blood – 3/10 (AMC+) | 10/10 (AMC TV from the USA)

Do you have any other questions about the launch of the 11th season of The Walking Dead in Brazil? Leave in the comments below!