With ‘the smell of old’, Paredão dos Famosos doesn’t excite and reinforces Faro’s bad phase · TV News

Announced as the big news by Rodrigo Faro to please his audience this weekend, the painting Paredão dos Famosos premiered this Sunday (22) on Record without getting excited in any way. Dull and old-fashioned, because it’s a format used by American TV since the 1960s, the first episode only reinforced the bad phase that the presenter is experiencing.

The Paredão dos Famosos is the national version of Hollywood Squares, a game show that was aired in the United States between 1966 and 2004 on NBC, one of the largest networks in the country. The format was purchased by Record last month to reinforce Hora do Faro, which systematically loses to its biggest competitor, Programa Eliana, from SBT.

On the board, two contestants (in the new version this has been adapted to receive two families) compete in a tic-tac-toe to win cash and prizes. Celebrities are invited to help, but anonymous people have to guess whether the answer tip celebrities give is true or a lie. If they get it right, they can advance to win.

In Brazil, this is the second version of the format on open TV. In 1989, Globo also bought Hollywood Squares to be one of the attractions of the debut of the then newcomer Domingão do Faustão (1989-2021) under the name of Jogo da Velha. The painting was very successful at that time and is remembered to this day.

Perhaps, this harms the performance of the format with Rodrigo Faro. Whoever watched the Paredão dos Famosos this Sunday felt a smell of mothballs, a sensation of seeing something quite old-fashioned. What also didn’t help were the debut guests, who were uninspired.

Sergio Mallandro, a guy who tends to surrender, seemed to be there out of obligation. Val Marchiori has been doing the sharp-tongued turkey style for ten years. It was funny in 2012, but his lines are no longer in 2021. Not even Tirullipa, who notably pulled on his father Tiririca’s comic streak, managed to make the audience laugh.

The worst news is that Mallandro and Tirullipa are regular guests, along with Fabíola Gadelha. In other words, the Paredão dos Famosos does not have much prospect of improvement if it continues like this. The best part of the picture is precisely the games played by the famous guests. If they are unwilling, it gets difficult.

The purchase of such a dated format reinforces how Record and Rodrigo Faro seem not to know what to do to improve the audience of Hora do Faro. In a bad phase, the presenter’s program hasn’t beat Eliana for a long time. And it wasn’t Paredão that improved this aspect.

According to previous data from São Paulo, Hora do Faro scored between 4 and 5 points while the frame was in the air.

Rodrigo Faro is not a bad presenter, far from it. Before someone celebrated, today he is seen as someone who only cares about Ibope for having asked his audience live in a special about the death of Gugu Liberato (1959-2019). Faro urgently needs to reinvent itself.