WWE 2K22 may not be released until next year

After in 2020 WWE and 2K didn’t release the usual game of their franchise and having launched WWE Battlegrounds, because of the fiasco that was WWE 2K20, there’s a lot of anticipation about what WWE 2K22 will be like.

However, this wait could take even longer than previously thought. According to Fightful, WWE 2K22 will be postponed and may only be released next year, something that could be confirmed at SummerSlam tonight.

The Fightful journalist claims to have spoken with some of the company’s fighters and was told that the video game would not be released at the end of 2021, and there is a possibility that WWE 2K22 will only be released near WrestleMania 38, even to take advantage of the publicity “ extra” that the company makes to its biggest annual event.

Although this information has not yet been confirmed, the truth is that Take-Two Interactive, which is the company responsible for franchises of 2K, has been postponing some games in the recent past.

Do you think it might be good news to postpone WWE 2K22 to hang out near WrestleMania 38?