Zé Felipe recalls loss of R$ 35,000 after exploding gold bathtub | celebrities

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Posted 22/08/2021 14:34 | Updated 08/22/2021 2:40 PM

Zé Felipe, 23, recalled this Saturday (21) when he accidentally exploded a gold-plated bathtub from his neighbor. According to the singer, the game generated a loss of R$ 35 thousand.

“I didn’t know it was leafy, no. It was a June party, right? And in Goiânia people like to drop bombs, bombs 4, 12 shots, tongue of fire,” he said, referring to the names of the artifices. “Then a neighbor gave me a bomb bag. The bathtub owner’s house was still building, I tried to go in, but the doors were closed. So, through the bathroom window I threw the bomb, but the window already opened onto the bathroom, more specifically in the bathtub… well, I had to pay R$ 35,000”, said Zé Felipe, who was 12 to 13 at the time, to the podcast “Podpah”.

Asked how the damage was paid to the neighbor, the singer explained that Leonardo, the singer’s father, had to pay the amount. “My father split with my friend’s father”, declared Zé Felipe, who recalled that he was discovered due to the security system of the owner of the gold-plated bathtub.