Zé Felipe recalls the loss after blowing up a gold-plated bathtub: ‘R$ 35,000 I had to pay’

Credit: Reproduction/Instagram

Zé Felipe (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

Joe Felipe, son of singer Leonardo, recalled, in an interview with podcast Podpah, a great loss he suffered in his childhood after blowing up a neighbor’s gold-plated bathtub. “I didn’t know it was veneered, no. It was a June party, right? Back in Goiânia, people like to drop bombs at that time, bomb four, 12 shots, tongue of fire. A neighbor gave me a bomb bag,” said the singer.

“It was me and him, and I asked: ‘Where are we going to blow these bombs?’ they were building the house [do vizinho], you know when it’s just ‘the earring’? I said: ‘Let’s go into the house to see how it is?’ I tried to get in and the doors were all closed, there was that little bathroom window. I said: ‘Scratch here, Dad’, he crossed out, threw the bomb, but from the window I fell into the bathtub, toilet, prettier. It ended with everything, R$ 35,000 I had to pay. I was 11 to 12 years old”, continued Zé.

The countryman ended the matter saying that he was identified by the property’s security cameras: “The neighbor arrived polite, and with the bill and the photos from the camera.”

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