Zé Felipe remembers a loss of R$ 35,000 after exploding a gold bathtub

Singer Zé Felipe, 23 years old and son of fellow singer Leonardo, recalled the loss of R$ 35,000 he suffered after blowing up a neighbor’s gold-plated bathtub, in an interview with Podpah podcast.

“I didn’t know it was veneered, no. It was a June party, right? In Goiânia people like to drop bombs at that time, bomb four, 12 shots, tongue of fire. A neighbor gave me a bag of bombs,” he began.

It was me and him, and I asked: ‘Where are we going to pop these bombs?’ they were building the house [do vizinho], you know when it’s just ‘the earring’? I said: ‘Let’s go into the house to see how it is?’ I tried to get in and the doors were all closed, there was that little bathroom window. I said: ‘Scratch here, Dad’, he crossed out, threw the bomb, but from the window I fell into the bathtub, toilet, prettier. It ended with everything, R$ 35,000 I had to pay. I was 11 to 12 years old. Joe Felipe

The artist said that he was identified by the property’s cameras and that the damage was divided between his father, the singer Leonardo, and the father of the neighbor who accompanied him at the time.

“He [o vizinho] he arrived educated, and with the bill and with the photos from the camera,” said Zé Felipe, stating that he was not reprimanded by his father. “I was costly,” he added, recalling his childhood.