24-year-old Russian actress found dead at home – Entertainment

Alexandra Djavi, Russian actress and model known for her performance in Kanchana 3, was found dead in her apartment in India, aged 24, on Friday (20). The British newspaper The Sun reported, on Monday (23), that Indian police are awaiting permission from the Russian Consulate to perform an autopsy on the model’s body.

According to the tabloid, police have started an investigation into the actress’ death and, at the moment, the main thesis is that she took her own life. The agents will still interrogate Alexandra’s ex-boyfriend, who at first was not in the house at the time of death.

“When the [ex] her boyfriend arrived at the house, he found the main door closed from the inside, and no response from the deceased,” said an employee of the building where the actress lived in the local newspaper Time of India. worsened with the breakup of the relationship.

It is worth adding that in 2019, the actress filed a sexual harassment complaint against a photographer from Chennai, India, who was later arrested. He is also expected to be questioned in the investigation. “I was informed that the woman was harassed and blackmailed by someone in Chennai,” said Vikram Varma, representative of the Russian Consulate.

The investigation is currently awaiting autopsy approval to resolve the case.

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