99 Taxi creates aid to drivers after repeated highs in the value of gasoline

Due to the high price of gasoline, the 99, created new measures as a way to help the platform’s drivers to spend less. The 99’s direct competitor, Uber, said that the value of the fuel “out of control” of the company, but that it already offers support to reduce the costs of drivers.

99 Taxi creates aid to drivers after repeated highs in the value of gasoline
99 Taxi creates aid to drivers after successive highs in the value of gasoline (Image: Disclosure/99)

The 99, which is commanded by the Chinese group Didi, will reset the intermediation fee that is charged to drivers on some trips. The company currently keeps a portion of the value of each race. Therefore, drivers now get the full value of the trip.

This measure will work on specific days and times in the coming months and is valid for all categories, except taxis.

The company said that this measure has been tested in the city of São Paulo since last month and that other cities will receive the novelty over the next few months. All partners will receive advance notice of the periods when the brokerage fee will be suspended.

The 99 also announced the turbo race, in which each driver purchases a bonus package that will be applied to the race’s price dynamics, for a specified period of time. The company guaranteed that nothing will be passed on to passengers and said it will make the subsidy.

“The increase in gasoline impacts all sectors, but transport feels the effects first. Our commitment to society is to continue ensuring the generation of income for our partner drivers, but also to continue promoting access to mobility for people who need the service”, said the operations director at 99, Livia Pozzi in a statement.

This movement by 99 and Uber comes in the wake of the difficulties that drivers are facing to be able to work. THE rising gasoline prices greatly reduce profits for professionals.

The lack of passengers is still a problem faced, since the demand is still not equal to the pre-pandemic period.

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99 Taxi creates aid to drivers after repeated highs in the value of gasoline

Paulo Amorim

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