After Sérgio Reis, Batoré goes viral for criticizing the Supreme Court: ‘It’s just letting out a bad guy’

The comedian’s son said that the video is from 2017 and that his father’s speech is not related to the country singer’s recent statements calling for the impeachment of ministers

Reproduction/Facebook/@batorehumorista169/23.08.2021Batoré’s video talking about the STF went viral on social networks

The comedian Ivanildo Gomes Nogueira, who became known for the character batoret of the attraction “A Praça é Nossa” (The Square is Ours), became a topic on social networks after a 2017 video began to circulate in which he asked for the closure of the Federal Supreme Court (STF). “Disgusted! You should be aware that this country is not yours. If we changed the presidency, it’s because we saw that there were many bandits and that we needed a military man”, said the artist, who also stated that there is no military in the STF, at Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate. “The desire of all Brazilians is that the president closes the doors of these three houses because they have not brought any benefit to our country, they have not thought about our people.” In the video in question, he also harshly criticized the STF because of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva: [laxante], all the shit that’s stuck, let go. You [ministros] you should be ashamed, you should think like parents, like grandparents”.

Batoré ended up in the most talked about topics on Twitter this Monday, 23, and his statements are dividing opinions. In conversation with the Young pan, Ivann Mastronardi, son of Batoré, emphasized that his father’s statements are unrelated to recent controversy involving the singer Sergio Reis. “My father is being canceled on Twitter for a video that is from the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018, which was when they wanted to release Lula. It was there that he asked for the closure of the STF. The video is not new, they are spreading many fake news, saying that he joined Sérgio Reis and it is not true”.

The country singer went viral on social media last week after leaking an audio in which he speaks of a demonstration planned for September 7 to ask for the impeachment of the STF ministers. In the audio in question, Sérgio said that if nothing changed within 30 days, he and the protesters would “invade, break everything and take the guys out”. After the controversial statements, Sérgio was investigated for incitement to violence and threat to democracy and had his cell phone seized during a search and seizure warrant carried out by the Federal Police last Friday, 20th. Criticized by fans and without the support of the most famous friends, the singer even stayed in bed.