After Walber, Lisca has a meeting with Bird and demands the hiring of 3 more players

the outburst of Andrey says a lot about the moment of Vasco. Last Saturday (21), the day of the club’s 123 years celebration, Cruz-Maltino suffered another bad performance in the Serie B and was defeated by factory worker, by 2-0. The defensive midfielder, right after the match, did not take it easy and left a strong alert.

“Honestly, as a Vasco child, here since I was five years old, I’m ashamed to come here to speak to our 20 million fans. We have to be hard on ourselves. It’s no use waiting to hit rock bottom to react. It is hard. I have shame in my face. I feel disrespecting Vasco’s fans”, he said.

Reinforcements came into the agenda and Stripe asked for new hires. The coach did not hide his desire and guaranteed that he remains in Saint Januario, but requires changes. With 28 points, the Vasco occupies the 11th place and returns to the field on August 29 (next Sunday), at 4 pm (GMT), in Saint Januario, Against the black Bridge.

Photo: Joao Vitor Rezende Borba/AGIF

Photo: Joao Vitor Rezende Borba/AGIF

“I worked 30 years to be here and I need some things and situations. That’s what I’m going to put up for the Bird and the President. I hope they understand. If they don’t think so, let’s think about what’s best for Vasco. We have to think about Vasco”, completed the commander.

According to “”, Stripe would have asked for up to 3 backups. No names were revealed, but Bird and salty they ensured that, despite the difficulties, they will make the necessary effort to meet the request. Last week, according to the “ENM”, O Vasco opened negotiations and tries to make the loan of Walber, no space in the Cuiabá.