Albino alligator puppies are born in a Florida zoo; see PHOTOS and VIDEO | World

a zoo of Florida, in the United States, announced the birth of two albino alligator puppies – a species of American alligator – last week.

Although the animals were born in late July, the wild florida park released the first images of the little ones on Wednesday (18).

You specimens are rare, but the animal conservation center has managed to breed two healthy alligator litters in the past two years.

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Albino alligator puppies were born in a Florida zoo, USA — Photo: Reproduction/Facebook/Wild Florida

The institution said in a statement that the two brothers – who have not yet been baptized – are being accompanied and responding well to care.

“They’re doing really well!” Wild Florida said in a statement. “Our newest litter of albinos is quite healthy and we absolutely love them.”

Zoo employee assists when the egg of one of the albino alligator chicks hatches in Florida — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/Wild Florida

Albinism happens when a genetic mutation is passed on in reproduction, and this type of condition can appear in plants, animals and people.

In the case of the two puppies, they inherited this characteristic from their parents – blizzard and snowflake (blizzard and snowflake in English) –, who are also albinos and live in captivity.

Last year, the crossing of the two yielded a healthy albino puppy to the zoo, which has been developed under the care of the park.

‘Big Brother’ poses next to albino alligator pups at Florida Zoo — Photo: Reproduction/Facebook/Wild Florida

“We are very proud of our albino dads, the Alligators, Snowflake and Blizzard, and our team for helping these puppies,” Zoo founder Sam Haught said in a statement.

“With our ‘Croc Squad’ (crocodile squad) overseeing the litter, we hope the animals will help to involve more visitors, residents and tourists in preserving the environment.”

Albino alligator puppies in Florida zoo — Photo: Reproduction/Facebook/Wild Florida