All 30 industry sectors operate with confidence on the rise – News

Entrepreneurs from all 30 segments of the industry confidence is on the rise this August, according to data released this Tuesday (24) by the CNI (National Confederation of Industry). The result points to the fourth month in a row of widespread optimism in the sector, with all areas operating above the 50-point cut-off line.

In comparison with July, the result was guided by the growth of confidence in 21 of the 30 areas surveyed and did not change in three. In the seven segments where optimism declined, confidence remained high, with a drop of less than 1 percentage point in six of them.

The positive highlights of the industry are the segments of machinery and equipment (66.6 points), chemical (65.9), electrical machinery and material (65.1) and metallic products (65).

“The maintenance, repair and installation of machinery and equipment sector, for example, registered the most intense fall in confidence. But the indicator went from 63.9 points to 60.2 points, which shows that confidence is still high and widespread”, explains the manager of Economic Analysis at CNI, Marcelo Azevedo.

Among the regions, the most favorable situation is presented in the North (66 points), followed by the South (64.6), Midwest (62.6), Northeast (61.9) and Southeast (60.9). Among the locations, only the Midwest showed a drop in optimism between July and August.

The survey included 2,383 companies, 949 small, 860 medium and 574 large, between August 2nd and 11th. The indicator ranges from 0 to 100 and represents that there is confidence whenever it is above 50 points.