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Last year, while we were lamenting the absence of a second physical edition of the Tudum Festival, Netflix surprised everyone with the Tudum Almanac, a kind of illustrated book with images, posters, stickers and another series of materials about the universe of its original productions that was sent free to approximately 150,000 fans of the service in the country. And now the company is back with another edition of the festival, and of course, its already famous Almanaque.

Last year the Almanac was an impressive success. The first batch with 100,000 copies sold out in a very short time and the company decided to release another 50,000 free copies, which were sold out within hours. Now Netflix is ​​betting on 200,000 copies, which should go even faster, considering the success the item had last year.

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New Almanac Tudum

Even more fun and interactive, the Almanaque brings the participation of actors and actresses dear to the public, the most incredible creators on the internet and lots of new material from the Netflix movies and series that have already premiered and are yet to come.

Almanac celebrates 10 years of Netflix in Brazil – Images: Reproduction – Netflix.

How to secure your Tudum Almanac – 2021

The public will be able to order their unit completely free of charge from 00:01 this Tuesday (24th). All you need to do is access the Almanaque Tudum website and fill in the necessary information to guarantee your copy.

If you don’t get yours, from August 30th it will be available in digital format – and with some surprises – there on the website.

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