Already gains support from Sylvinho after another game without scoring goals for Corinthians

Forward Jô reached his seventh game without swinging the net after Corinthians’ victory by 1-0 against Athletico Paranaense, last Sunday. Despite the drought, coach Sylvinho praised the center forward’s performance and explained his vision of what he expects from him.

It’s a recycling of Jô, since we arrived and understood that this is the term. Jô’s area of ​​activity has decreased, he is an athlete who did well, I reiterate the athlete’s response, which is always an understanding of what we are showing, what we are wanting, and the day-to-day of the week. It has helped us a lot in terms of retention and construction of play, it has facilitated this midfield work and provided a second-line entry for athletes like Roni, Gabriel has already scored his goal at some point, it has sometimes been Giuliano, Roni with a certain frequency, tomorrow Renato, there’s Vitinho, anyway. It’s a way of playing that adds a lot to us and an athlete who has been very well used and the credit is all his for having understood the position,” explained Sylvinho, at a press conference.

The last time Jô scored a goal was on July 8, in a 1-0 away victory over Chapecoense, but he is still the team’s top scorer for the year, with nine goals – see the list belowO. The 77 shirt has been used as a starter for most of Sylvinho’s career so far. The Alvinegro commander evaluated the possible changes that could be made in the Corinthians attack.

“With regard to entries, it depends. There are athletes who really can be a little more mobile and suddenly we can even try a speed athlete, the game will speak what we need, suddenly, in some substitutions. Jô’s performances have helped the team a lot too,” added Sylvinho.

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