Amazon will refund difference of those who bought PS5 at the old price and didn’t receive

PlayStation 5 price reduction due to IPI cut

THE Amazon released a statement stating that buyers who have already paid for PlayStation 5 consoles at an old price but they haven’t had their consoles shipped yet. will receive a refund of the difference to the new official Sony suggested price. The price drop due to IPI reduction has left Sony’s next-gen console R$300 cheaper than a few weeks ago.

Just as it was done for those who made the pre-purchase of the console before its official release, costing approximately R$5,100.00, as soon as Sony made the reduction to R$ 4,699.90 official, the Amazon has positioned itself by offering refund of the difference in values, but if buyers have any doubts if their purchase falls under the program of reimbursement due to the new drop in values for 4,399.90 you can contact the company’s support in the “Contact Us” channel.

Credits: PlayStation

The company has a common practice of being well comprehensive in the matter of refunds or differentiated invoice in the case of products sold and processed by Amazon itself, especially in cases of pre sale in which even without an official notice, the product in undergoes a price reduction before its shipment. In these cases the buyers can contact you to request that the lowest amount be invoiced., but often the process is done even without any need to call the support:

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  • Lowest Price Presale Guarantee applies only to items sold by, not items (or prices) offered by other sellers on our site. Lowest Price Pre-Sale Guarantee does not apply to any products purchased on other Amazon sites.
  • Lowest Price Guarantee Pre-order applies only to qualifying items not yet released. Does not apply to other product lines or to previously released items.

In the case of the PlayStation 5, however, as it is an already launched product, Amazon chose to anticipate any complaints in the case of buyers with processed purchases but who have not yet received their consoles due to the company’s difficulties in replenishing stocks. Although the prices of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X have also been readjusted, so far there is no positioning whether this practice will also be applied to Microsoft consoles.


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Source: PSxBrasil