Andressa Suita shares Gusttavo Lima’s video singing Bruno e Marrone – Famous

Andressa Suita and Gusttavo Lima (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The digital influencer Andressa Suita shared this last Sunday (22/08), a video where he appears alongside Gusttavo Lima, while the musician sings some of the duo’s songs Bruno and brown.

In the content, posted through the stories of the Instagram, she wrote: “Private show? We have”, when filming the countryman playing the guitar while singing. Remember that recently, lime declared to suite in a show made in the United States, where he took the opportunity to record a DVD. At a certain point in the show, the musician decided to dedicate the show to me, sebastian, who died four days after the wedding of Gustavo, in 2015.

After this moment, he even lay down on the stage floor in emotion, declaring himself also to his children’s wife, Andressa. “Al, Gabriel. Al, Samuel. Dad loves you. Al, Andressa, I love you too.”, said the singer. Soon after, he came back to remember his family and shot: “Al, Andressa. Kiss. ​​Follow up, well. Daddy misses him. When Daddy arrives it’s going to be a mess.”, he said.

suite and Gustavo separated in 2020 and the union had two children, Gabriel and Samuel, 4 and 3 years old respectively. Since they announced the separation, the couple has not posted any more photos together on social networks, but they demonstrate that they have a good relationship, sharing several moments due to their children.

Recently, the influencer spoke about the changes her body underwent after the two pregnancies. “The children take everything from us: they take the vitamins, they take the hormones, they take all our disposition, they take our memory. It’s all with them no. Thank God and the mother for the fight”, revealed.