Arnaldo: With investment from Corinthians and São Paulo, fighting for the G6 is a must – 08/23/2021

Corinthians reached the sixth position in the Brazilian Championship with the victory away from home by 1-0 against Athletico-PR, adding 10 of the last 15 points played to distance themselves from the relegation zone and put themselves in the fight for a place in the Libertadores, while São Paulo, which is 3 points behind their rival, won the third in a row, also 1-0 as a visitor against Sport.

In the podcast Posse de Bola #154, journalists Arnaldo Ribeiro mentions the clubs that currently occupy the top four positions on a level above, but considers it an obligation that Corinthians and São Paulo, as well as Internacional and Grêmio, fight for a place between the first six of Brasileirão, remembering that the four invested and have squads with the capacity to fight just below the three favorites, Atlético-MG, Flamengo and Palmeiras.

“The team that plays only one competition, only the Brazilian, like Corinthians, has an obligation to improve week by week. Corinthians is only playing in this championship and there it is perfectly plausible to think of fifth place, fourth place if Fortaleza falls” , says Arnold.

“For Corinthians, for São Paulo, for Inter, who started badly at the Brazilian Nationals, perhaps even for Grêmio, to talk about the G6, because these are teams that continue to invest much more than the others. Grêmio signed Borja, hired the other, Inter hired another, São Paulo hired another, and Corinthians did the same. These teams invest to be in this block and, apart from the three main forces, there is no other, you can get there, you can fight. fight with this budget and this investment”, he completes.

The journalist says that since the beginning of the championship it is clear that Atletico-MG of coach Cuca, Flamengo of Renato Gaúcho and Palmeiras of Abel Ferreira should fight for the title, while Fortaleza is the team that surprises with their campaign. but he sees an open space below, considering that Red Bull Bragantino and Athletico-PR are in the semifinals of the Copa Sudamericana and seem to give priority to the international competition.

“The championship that has three main forces, which could be pointed out even before it starts, Flamengo, Atlético-MG and Palmeiras, a team playing surprisingly well, Fortaleza, and from there, after these four, anyone is anyone “, says Arnold.

“Bragantino and Athletico-PR left the Brasileirão to play the Copa Sudamericana, of course. “he concludes.

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