Arthur Lira: “The ropes were stretched in parallel reality, make-believe”

Photo: Pablo Valadares/Chamber of Deputies

In an article on the Globe, Arthur Lirreacts to Carluxo’s virtual militia, says she’s already caught much more than she was able to hit and continues “an apprentice” on the social networks. The president of the Chamber, however, says that the concrete reality of everyday politics is very different from the virtual world. And, without mentioning it, minimizes the importance of the coup march called by Jair Bolsonaro.

The ropes were stretched in this parallel reality, of make believe, of too much rhetoric and virulence that, I’m sure, is not sustained in the daily, physical relationship, in palaces, seats of Powers, unions, associations and confederations of all areas – land where civil society articulates and prospers. We cannot let this movement of videos, gifs, memes and posts replace the haughtiness and nobility of good politics that builds and promotes advances.”

lyre refutes “any possibility of adventure against democracy” and emphasizes that the clash of networks and the exchange of official notes with affirmations and denials “does not help to fill the belly, does not support or welcome those in need, does not generate jobs, does not lower the price of cooking gas or gasoline, let alone accelerates the numbers of vaccinated Brazilians”.

“These are the genuine demands of those who elected us. And who will judge us at the polls next year.”