Arthur Picoli and Stéfani Bays are spotted together in a bakery in São Paulo

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You could be painting a new couple in the world of the famous. After being the target of rumors of a possible love affair with actress and model Aline Riscado, crossfitter and ex-BBB Arthur Picoli was caught this morning in the company of Stéfani Bays, former participant of the reality series De Vacation with the Ex, from MTV, and A Fazenda 12, from Record TV.

According to exclusive sources of IN OFF, the ex-brother of Big Brother Brasil 21 was seen in a luxury bakery in São Paulo, located near the Paulista Avenue, around 1:30 am this Tuesday (24), in the company of the model. Picoli and Stefani were accompanied by some colleagues. Everyone was talking and laughing.

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According to people who recognized the famous, the group was sitting next to a candy window, near the entrance of the establishment, and trying not to draw too much attention from other patrons of the bakery, which was quite busy at the time. Arthur Picoli and Stéfani Bays were sitting very close, side by side, in an atmosphere of intimacy.

The crossfiteiro, eliminated from the Globo reality show with 61.34% of the votes in the dispute against Camilla de Lucas and Pocah, would have even played with one of the waiters. At one point, a bakery employee approached and told Picoli that he had cheered for him at BBB21. Picoli, jokingly and laughing, would have replied: “Stop, you were rooting for Juliette“.

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In June, netizens pointed to an alleged affair between Arthur Picoli, who lived a romance with actress Carla Diaz within the reality show of the Globe. However, the crossfiteiro denied the information. At the time, a Twitter profile wrote that the ex-brother had “traded” the famous one for Aline Scrcado. The athlete did not let the comment go blank and tore up the verb.

Extremely disrespectful this post. Woman is not a bargaining chip, and I’m not with anyone, automatically I haven’t changed anyone”, replied Arthur on the social network. “I think respect is the least we can have for people. If you want to talk about my mistakes, cover me, don’t put other people in the middle”, completed.

the own Aline Riscado went to social media to point out that he did not become romantically involved with the ex-BBB21. “Arthur is my friend, I did a job with him, I’m not taking it. I love Carlinha, I’m not her friend, but I know her. I’ve met in several situations, I don’t want to separate anyone, I don’t want to screw with anyone. Get off my back, please”, commented the actress on her Instagram account.

Stefani Bays spoke recently about supposed affair he lived with MC Mirella. She was annoyed with fans, who suggested that they both should have “something more” than just friendship. “I said it was a friend because it really was something that happened in there. [de A Fazenda] and that out here it wont happen anymore and theres nothing more to be said. I just want them to stop bonding as if we were a couple, because that doesn’t exist“, he said.

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