Back as Angel in ‘Secret Truths’, Camila Queiroz says she is shy when she sees hot scenes: ‘This will never change’

Anyone who sees a face does not see a great capacity for transformation! With a girlish face and a sweet look, Camila Queiroz is once again causing a stir in the skin of Arlete/Angel, from “Verdades secretas”, which returns to Globo’s screen today, after “The masked singer Brasil”. At the time the soap opera was originally shown (2015), the newcomer model on TV was 22 years old and became a national star by starring in the successful plot, full of controversial themes such as prostitution, betrayal and drugs. Now 28 and married to Klebber Toledo, Camila will watch the rerun at a different time in her life. She assumes feeling embarrassed when seeing the hot scenes.

‘I feel shy and I don’t think that will ever change. But I’ve watched it with my family and husband. It’s part of my job, and they support me – says the actress, stressing that it’s very different to act in a daring sequence and then see it ready: – It took us, on average, four hours to shoot a scene like this, and every detail is thought out. The soap opera has hot moments, sex appeal. It’s interesting to see how the audience reacts.

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In addition to stirring the mood of viewers, the character changed the life of the simple girl from Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of São Paulo. Camila still celebrates the success achieved with “Secret Truths”:

“Angel was a watershed in my life. It was from her that I became an actress, which was an old desire of mine, a profession I dreamed of exercising since childhood. Where I came from, making a soap opera on Globo was almost impossible. I come from a humble family, I used to live in Cohab (public housing complex), I always studied in public schools. Getting to this place was synonymous with winning.

Camila Queiroz
Camila Queiroz Photo: PauloVainer

Camila remembers that, at the time, she had no idea what the repercussion of Angel’s attitudes would be. Even cheating on his mother, Carolina (Drica Moraes), with his stepfather, Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi), the audience’s reactions were always vibrant and happy.

“I was really surprised. People gave me advice, told me to stay with Alex or not to do that to my mom. I remember that, at the time, I received many reports from people who experienced similar things. The mother who “stole” her daughter’s husband, the daughter who shared her boyfriend with her mother, the sister who stayed with the other’s man… This shocked me a lot because it is much more common than I imagined – recalls the actress , which has memories of Angel: — I brought home a picture frame that was in my character’s grandmother’s house, with a photo of me with Ana Lucia Torre (Hilda, Carolina’s mother) and Drica.

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After going to Disney to overflow the intense load of her first work on TV, now the actress has immersed herself again in the world of Angel, recording the sequel to “Secret Truths”, which will debut on Globoplay.

“It was exciting meeting her again on set when I characterized myself again. Being able to put on her costume, especially the chain, which is a remarkable item. It was a beautiful and meaningful reunion.

“Secret Truths” will be back on TV from August 24th; Camila Queiroz (Angel) is the daughter of Carolina (Drica Moraes) in the plot Photo: Novela

I work with the husband

With the return of “Secret Truths”, Camila will be seen in double dose on TV. She is already on the air as Luiza, in “Pega pega”, and says to follow the reruns:

“I try to be compassionate so I don’t judge myself so much.” I’m a perfectionist (laughs).

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And more work is coming! The actress and her husband will present the reality “Blind Wedding” by Netflix, which debuts this year:

– It was very difficult to reinvent ourselves at home, but we are restless, so we look for ways to work. In early 2022, there’s one more series and one movie to come out. I’m living a special moment in my career, full of opportunities. The audience will be able to see me in all these facets.

Camila Queiroz is married to Klebber Toledo
Camila Queiroz is married to Klebber Toledo Photo: Instagram/reproduction